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Wellness Community

  • Concept Development

    Originally part of a larger farm in the 19th century, this property was rechristened as “The Garden of the Gods,” a Beaux Arts era artist’s retreat in 1908. Then in the 1960’s the property morphed into a hippie commune and remained as local lodging. We acquired the property in 2017 and undertook a historical renovation of the eight apartment style spaces. Community members have access to meditation, yoga & other wellness classes outside on our land. The Source Woodstock is set on six acres of land surrounded by hundreds of acres of protected DEP watershed land.

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Mystical Traditions

  • Heart Medicine

    Transmitting Sufi sound codes & movement to unlock inner light union. Having studied in both Persian and Turkish Sufi lineages, we will explore your spiritual goals as well spiritual technologies, heart centered drumming and grounded movement.

  • Celestial ARCHETYPe Readings

    We will look at the celestials that were prominent in the sky at the time of your birth as well as your current archetypal schema for guidance in one of four areas of growth: Leading edge life mission, Relationship goals, Career goals, Spiritual goals.

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Symbiont Studio

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